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Situated at 850m above sea level, with hot summers and snow-filled winters, this garden was designed as a low maintenance and 'no-watering' garden. As a second home, the owners weren't on hand to water the plants regularly, so every plant was selected for its drought tolerance, as well as being able to withstand winter cold - down to -20C on occasion. 

  • High maintenance grass was removed and replaced with simple low steps edged with stones dug up from the site and paved with local bricks and gravel infill that compliment the stone of the house. 

  • Plants were planted small, in late April /early May (hard frosts can often come here in the late spring) and after an initial deep watering and deep gravel mulch, they were left to fend for themselves. 

The garden is flourishing, ten years on, with colour, texture and a variety of forms to delight and bring interest throughout the year for the clients and for the wildlife. 


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