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The clients had recently moved to their dream house but the garden was non-existant. The car parking space, under the shade of a mature copper beach tree was the only 'garden' (see last picture)

We redesigned the garden and the planting. All the hard landscaping was organised by the client who also planted up the garden beautifully.

  • The garden was made more private, with fencing to separate the parking area, and a new shed to store essentials

  • A raised bed built from locally sourced stone creates an informal seating area that reduces the need for bulky garden furniture in this small garden

  • Drifts of evergreen hackenochloa grasses, groups of painted lady ferns and airy perennial planting are the perfect counterpoint to the hard landscaping

  • Gravel was used as a low cost permeable surface, which also acts as a mulch, retaining valuable moisture for the plants 

  • Planted first in Spring 2022, the garden is developing quickly, with subtle spots of colour from salvias and mallow to punctuate the greens. The evergreen planting in the gravel will maintain its form and add height, colour and structure throughout winter. Autumn and spring bulbs add to the seasonal interest. 

Begun in Spring 2022. Ongoing


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