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This naturalistic, pollinator-packed garden was created to replace an area of lawn which attracted no insects to the garden and looked dry and unhealthy during the hot summer months.

  • We re-contoured, levelling off the 'lawn' area and adding a 60cm high retaining stone wall with three steps down to the path at the lower section.

  • Gravel was used to replace the lawn, with islands of planting in the gravel. 

  • All the plants were selected for their hardiness to both drought and very low winter temperatures, as well as their attractiveness to the clients, pollinators and wildlife. 

  • Designing sustainably, we used stones dug up on site to create informal pathways, rusting iron left over from the site's history as a farm were placed sculpturally, and an old wash tub reused as a water feature. 

Planted in April 2022


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