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The brief involved a relatively simple redesign of a dark, small north east facing courtyard garden in central London. The clients, non gardeners, but keen on improving their outdoor space following a stunning kitchen extension, wanted something low cost and low maintenance, with room to entertain/soak up the sun.

  • We retained and relaid the existing pavers to increase the sun/entertainment space on the west facing side and created a wider curving bed on the back corner.

  • A swatch of Pucci fabric inspired the planting colour scheme, where an existing bright pink rose needed to fit with the new softer shades.

  • The existing ceanothus shrub had its canopy lifted and is now underlit, adding a sculptural presence. Subtle lighting of the step and uplighting the tree allows the garden to be seen from the inside at night, and makes evening entertaining easier.

  • Using a mix of evergreen, shade loving plants in the main bed and more sun-tolerant planting in the Corten planters, with pops of colour from geranium psilostemon and annuals and bulbs, this is a simple scheme with year-round interest.

Completed Spring 2021 with annual reviews to check progress.


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