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Simple landscape

We offer bespoke design packages for each client. Our flexible approach means clients can tailor the design package according to their individual needs, whether that is a complete garden transformation or bespoke planting plans to revamp your existing space. 

You can opt for the full package of all the stages below, or specific elements, on discussion. 




Our initial site visit allows us to meet in person, discuss what you want from your garden and helps us get a feeling for the site. 

From here we draw up a brief which is sent to you for your approval, along with a detailed breakdown of the process and our design fee proposal.

The next step is a full site survey, carried out by ourselves on smaller gardens, or we can arrange a surveyor on your behalf. This gives us the factual details required to make accurate drawings of the area, detailing level changes, existing trees, underground cables, utilities etc.  Claire often makes quick sketches to evoke the atmosphere of the garden more fully when back in the studio, alongside site photos.


We present an outline design package which includes a scaled concept plan, mood boards, drawn elevation and perspective views and a 3D computer model. We go through these together to give you a real understanding of your new garden from different angles showing proposed materials, textures and the 'mood' of the space, as well as initial planting ideas.

We can adjust and amend the design as you wish, always bearing in mind the budget. 


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Once the outline design is approved we draw up a  detailed master plan to scale, together with multiple layout and construction drawings, a build specification document and planting plans. This detailed package allows landscapers to accurately quote for and build the design. 

If planning permission is required the application can be submitted at this stage. 


Planting plans form part of the full design package, but they can also be produced as a sole item. 

Claire designs her planting plans first by creating abstract drawings of the area to help define the 'mood' of the planting. The plants will be chosen in discussion with you the client. 

Detailed planting plans, quantity schedules and specifications mean that Claire Palfreyman Studio or another contractor can quote for the planting. After all that detailed design work there's nothing better than getting our hands in the soil and putting the scheme together. 





Our detailed tender documentation package allows you to get quotes from experienced landscape contractors, or we can manage this tender process for you. If required we 

produce the necessary documents, the detailed design package, a specification document and a bill or quantities on larger jobs, and send them to up to three landscape contractors to quote. We can then discuss the quotes to select the best contractor for the job.


I work closely with the contractors, holding regular site meetings to ensure the garden is built to plan. 

This is also the stage where plants are selected, trees tagged and any bespoke items you require are sourced.


Builders, Elizabeth Hahn_edited.jpg

Oil sketch of workers by Elizabeth Hahn, circa 1950

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