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Below is a brief outline of the process involved for a full garden design including construction and hard landscaping detailing. 


1/ initial meeting and client brief

Every garden design starts with a phone call, followed by a site meeting. We discuss your desires & requirements, approximate budget and get a feel for the space and the surrounding area. At the end of this meeting we should have an agreed design brief.


4 / master plan

Once the outlined proposal is signed off we draw up the detailed master plan. All drawings to construct the garden will be drawn from this scaled and highly accurate plan.


7/ progress & planting

Once your landscaper is on the job we can monitor the build for you, doing regular site visits to ensure the plans are being followed and the garden is constructed to a high standard.


We source the plants from the best nurseries and set them out.


2 / site survey & analysis

Claire will visit the site again to make a thorough, detailed analysis of the existing garden - this step is necessary before any designing can be begin.

A survey of the land may be required by an independent surveyor.


5/ detailed drawings and setting out plans

We prepare a series of detailed technical drawings to show exactly ow the garden is to be built and laid out, comprising hard and soft landscaping details eg paving details, wall, decking or step construction, pool/ ponds, lighting details, planting plans, tree sized, etc.  For very large or tricky projects other professionals may be involved at this point, eg structural engineers.


3 / concept plan

After studying the brief and the site analysis we work on the concept  design, presenting you with 2D and 3D plans and visualisations, perspectives, material suggestions and possible planting palettes so together we can the design the garden of your dreams.

IMG_1729 2.JPG

6 / the garden build

We create highly detailed specification documents so your chosen landscaper can build the garden precisely to our plans. We can recommend suitable, highly skilled craftsmen who can bid for the job through a restricted tender process.

mossy stone

8 / after care

Gardens are living, changing things, which always require some maintenance, even 'low-maintenance' gardens. The weather, the seasons and nature will affect how the garden looks throughout the year. We offer key maintenance advice to the client on how to keep their garden looking good. We also offer folllow up visits to see how the garden is maturing. 

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