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This small holiday home front garden is situated high up in the Massif Central region of France. Situated in the countryside, at 870m above sea level, it has to deal with extreme temperatures, down to -20C at times over long winters, while reaching +40C in the summer months.


The client wanted a dry garden that almost 'maintained itself'.

Using stones found on site we built deep, low steps leading to the front door, infilled with brick diamonds that mirror the patterns carved on the original oak door and are a recurring motif throughout this region of France.


A retaining stone wall links the lower garden to the upper car park area and provides a raised view point to sit and enjoy a morning coffee. 


As the plants chosen were specific to the region and the climate, no additional watering is ever needed - a thick gravel mulch and local rainfall keep the garden flourishing. 

Completed in 2020.

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